• the-house-that-trash-built

    The House that Trash Built

    Mahatma Gandhi advised his followers to “be the change you want to see in the world.”  We decided to take Gandhi’s wise words and apply them to our own lives.  We hope our example will inspire others to do the same. We hope this website will inspire you to take matters into your own hands – to live a sustainable lifestyle, eat what you grow, get off the grid and do your part to heal the planet and yourself. We are living at a time where gas and oil reserves are beyond peak… when our very way of life has an immense adverse effect on the health and well-being of every…

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  • pet

    How to Protect Your Pets From Insects and Pests

    The warmer temperatures that come with Spring and Summer bring an influx of unwanted bugs and pests to many areas. It’s common sense to think about protecting your family and your home from infestations of pests and insects, but you may be forgetting that your pets are vulnerable as well. Mosquitoes ticks and fleas are just a few of the irritating and sometimes harmful pests that could target your pet especially when they get to enjoy outdoor playtime. Here are a few ways to protect your pets and your home from the harmful nuisance of pests and insects. The best way to protect your pets involves combining various strategies that…

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  • grids

    The Environmental Impacts of Smart Grid

    The Smart Grid is the modernization of the electricity supply framework. A smart grid is different from the conventional grid as it permits two-way correspondence of electricity information, as opposed to a single direction stream. Smart grids make it possible to provide ongoing information gathering related to the electrical activity among the transmission, supply process, generation, processing, and maintenance. Most electricity grids depend on the single direction framework which sends the electricity from the phases of generation to the end user. On the other hand, smart grids incorporate the activity of all clients in the power utilizing using computerized remote-control systems. This two-way connection is the thing that makes the…

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  • High-end Tiny House and RV Hybrid

    Top 10 Tiny Home Trends in the USA

    Which exactly are tiny home? What’s the dwelling move? Correctly why Do people pick them and what does live in them look like? In other words, the tendency in residences to move into a tiny home has become a new trend. Individuals are deciding to downsize the place in which they reside, and even reside in significantly less space. Individuals are adopting the liberty which communicates the dwelling lifestyle and the tiny house philosophy. The small residence movements are more than living into the small space (even though, a little home is part of it). Yoga Teacher’s Hand-built Tiny House Here on tree-hugger, we profess a taste for its contemporary…

  • treehouse
    Home Improvement

    What are this year’s garden space trends?

    2019 is well underway now. We’ve already had the hottest winter day on record in the UK — twice! 2018 saw many garden trends taken advantage of, including ecological gardens, asymmetrical scheme and wood-effect tiles, but what will be this year’s go-to feature? Here, we explore what may be the next thing to sweep the nation off its feet. Adult treehouses For those who have a spacious back garden, you may be tempted to build an adult treehouse! We’ve all heard of the ‘man cave’ and ‘she shed’, but 2019 is set to be the year of the adult treehouse. We love a getaway, and if you have an area…

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  • light

    How to Make Your House More Energy Efficient

    Making your house more energy efficient is not only recommendable, but it is practically mandatory if you’re thinking about putting your house on sale someday, as the main thing all house buyers wish to know is how much you can save due to energy improvements. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to lower energy consumption around your house. You can begin by changing some of your habits for starters, and decide on the more challenging tasks later. Now, let’s see how it’s done. Invest in insulation Let’s start with the most obvious solution for preserving energy – proper insulation. Admittedly, you may have already decided to insulate your walls, but…

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  • stop plastic
    Recycle Blog

    How a Plastic Ban Would Change Day-to-Day Life

    Our planet is quickly becoming overrun by plastic waste. It’s in our oceans, lakes and rivers, it’s scattered along our highways and it can be found in some remote locations in the entire world. Disposable plastic has become a huge part of our lives, and while it’s convenient, it’s taking a serious toll on wildlife and the environment. A quick look at the statistics shows a growing problem. Roughly a decade ago, about 300 billion plastic bottles were sold worldwide. By 2016, that number had risen to 480 billion. Around the world, nearly two million single-use plastic bags are used every single minute. That adds up to roughly one trillion…

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  • energy_savings

    Living off-grid: how to become self-sufficient

    These days, we may feel as if leaving the likes of smartphones, cars and energy supplies behind us would be an impossible feat. However, we can regain our independence without compromising the quality of life we live. One way is by going off-grid. By replacing energy and water supplies from the main grid for renewable alternatives, this way of living offers a sustainable alternative to a lifestyle where everything we need is available to use 24/7. Together with Flogas, specialists in LPG canisters, we take you through exactly how living off-grid can be easier than you think. Finding alternative power If you manage to remove yourself from the grid, the…

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  • Other Stories

    Importance of Garages for Car Protection During Winters

    After an evening of heavy snowfall, if you’re not lucky enough to have your car shielded by a carport, you will need to discover it before you can drive. Exactly like clearing the windshield, this requires you to can be stressful in case you chance to be running and stick out in the cold. Most people use a shovel to attempt to unbury their automobile. Both vinyl and metal shovels have edges which can lead to scratches and scratches. Avoid scraper to remove the snow. The plastic designed to get rid of the ice out of the windshield can be quite destructive to the paint of your car. Very fewer…

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  • yard
    Home Improvement

    5 Eco-Friendly Yard Tips

    Do you want to make your outdoor space even more eco-friendly so that it can match your green lifestyle and so you can take your eco-friendly home to new heights? Then continue reading to access five easy ways that you can make your yard more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 1. Choose an Eco-Friendly Shed When you are ready to add a shed to your outdoor space, there is a range of eco-friendly options that you can choose from, such as recycled plastic and reclaimed or sustainable wood. This means that you don’t have to settle for the plastic sheds that are sold at big box hardware stores. From sheds that…

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  • Asbestos
    Home Improvement

    Asbestos: The Silent Danger That Could Be Lurking Inside Your Home

    If there is asbestos in your home, there is no actual way to avoid its harmful effects. Its crystals consist of fibers that contain million microscopic particles called fibrils. When these fibers are airborne, people inhale them, which is a serious health hazard. Here is some information on exactly what makes asbestos dangerous and what you can do about it. History The first time we know asbestos was used was in Finland, about 4500 years ago, as a sort of reinforcement of earthenware dishes. And although people mined for asbestos about 4000 years ago, it wasn’t until the mid-19th century that it was first mass mined and used for its…

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