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    A Realistic Cost-Benefit Analysis of Natural Resource Extraction in WV

    As a citizen of West Virginia, I want our state to have a vibrant economy so that every person living here is able to provide for their families. Equally important to me is the ability to breathe clean air and drink safe water, for what is the point of making money if you destroy the very essence of life? In the rush to take advantage of the so-called Marcellus shale economic boom, WV lawmakers must weigh the value of a short term boost to the economy against the long lasting contaminatio to our air and water supply. There is a test to determine whether a WV lawmaker is sincere in…

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    Don’t Just Gripe, Do Something!

    As I am writing this post, oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico (resulting from the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig) at a rate never before seen.  The environmental consequences from this one disaster are probably too vast to comprehend. At the same time, coal continues to be extracted miles beneath where I am currently sitting in rural West Virginia, and just a short distance away, they are blowing the tops off of beautiful and ancient mountains — just to remove more coal. What may be even more devastating than the negative environmental impact of oil drilling and coal extraction is the talk of building new nuclear…

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