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    Don’t Just Gripe, Do Something!

    As I am writing this post, oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico (resulting from the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig) at a rate never before seen.  The environmental consequences from this one disaster are probably too vast to comprehend. At the same time, coal continues to be extracted miles beneath where I am currently sitting in rural West Virginia, and just a short distance away, they are blowing the tops off of beautiful and ancient mountains — just to remove more coal. What may be even more devastating than the negative environmental impact of oil drilling and coal extraction is the talk of building new nuclear…

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    Area Rug Made from Bicycle Inner-Tubes

    Danish designer Annemette Beck creates textiles from recycled materials such as rubber, paper and metal.  Her line of woven products include rugs, upholstery, fabrics, runners, blinds and even room dividers. Beck’s experimental textiles showcase materials that can be salvaged and re-used.  The photos show area rugs made by weaving recycled bicycle inner-tubes and tires. You can read more about Ms. Beck’s designs here.

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    The House that Trash Built

    Mahatma Gandhi advised his followers to “be the change you want to see in the world.”  We decided to take Gandhi’s wise words and apply them to our own lives.  We hope our example will inspire others to do the same. The House That Built from Trash We hope this website will inspire you to take matters into your own hands – to live a sustainable lifestyle, eat what you grow, get off the grid and do your part to heal the planet and yourself. We are living at a time where gas and oil reserves are beyond peak… when our very way of life has an immense adverse effect on…

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    The Solastalgia Project

    Solastalgia describes the grief felt by those of us who care about human-caused, catastrophic environmental damage. Don’t waste your time arguing with global warming deniers and waiting for politicians to pass clean and renewable energy legislation. It is better to put your energy into changing your lightbulbs or planing a garden.  If building a house is beyond the scope of what you can or want to do, please consider taking some action in your own life. If everyone reading this takes responsibility for one small piece of the planet, your own house and yard, your community and your own lives, together we have the collective power to create the positive change…

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    Our Papercrete Recipe

    When we were researching papercrete, we found many different recipes and mixer-types. After trying various recipies and because we have a clay-based soil on our land, we settled on the following papercrete recipe: 5 parts drained paper mulch 5 parts sifted clay 1 part Portland Cement 1 shake of Borax Soak newspaper and magazines in water for at least 24 hours (the longer the better). Sift dry clay (or other soil) on a screen of 1/4 inch hardware cloth to remove the larger lumps and rocks. After it has soaked in water for at least 48 hours, place the newspaper in mixer, add water and mix well until paper pulp is…

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    Human Powered Lawn-mower

    Ted Wojcik of Ted Wojcik Custom Bicyclesdesigned and built this pedal-powered lawn mower with a fixed gear in it so it can go forward and backward — which is essential when using a push-mower. When you stop pedaling, it stops moving so it doesn’t require brakes. I doubt if it would be a good gadget here in West Virginia, where we use a regular old push mower, but it might be useful for someone with a really large, flat-ish yard!