• High-end Tiny House and RV Hybrid

    Top 10 Tiny Home Trends in the USA

    Which exactly are tiny home? What’s the dwelling move? Correctly why Do people pick them and what does live in them look like? In other words, the tendency in residences to move into a tiny home has become a new trend. Individuals are deciding to downsize the place in which they reside, and even reside in significantly less space. Individuals are adopting the liberty which communicates the dwelling lifestyle and the tiny house philosophy. The small residence movements are more than living into the small space (even though, a little home is part of it). Yoga Teacher’s Hand-built Tiny House Here on tree-hugger, we profess a taste for its contemporary…

  • industrial_storage

    Basic information for cleaning industrial storage rooms and corporate office

    Now that you have perfectly clear the importance of maintaining a proper cleaning of industrial warehouses you will see the basics and objectives when doing this work. The general objective will be to eliminate the general dirt produced by the dust as well as by any other type of agents. If necessary then conduct a periodic treatment for the control of pestswhile maintaining. Another very important objective and prior to the beginning of concrete actions in the industrial cleaning is the removal of remains of packaging that are usually abandoned by the hurry that is usually generated in the activity and that result in obstacles that act to hinder accessibility…

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  • lawn

    Benefits of Artificial Grass in Creating an Eco-Friendly Lawn

    Artificial grass covers about 50 million acres in the US, placing it third in total acreage in all of the United States. This type of turf is seen all across the country in stadiums, playing fields, playgrounds, dog parks and even homes. While the benefits of using this type of artificial grass include an improved overall look and much less maintenance than a traditional lawn, there are actually numerous benefits on the environment and health of your home as well. If you are going to decide to make the switch to artificial grass, however, you’ll want to ensure you go about it in the right way to make sure your…

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  • permits


    People often ask us whether it is possible or necessary to get a permit for an alternative building project like ours. The answer is, it depends! We did apply for a permit and actually received one… although we did not mention tires or papercrete. On the application, we said we have a mobile home (we do) and said we wanted to build a metal roof over the top and add two, 6 feet X 55 feet covered additions, supported by ten 4 foot X 4 foot posts, along the sides (which we did). In reality, we probably did not need to have a permit in the first place since no…

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  • the-house-that-trash-built

    The House that Trash Built

    Mahatma Gandhi advised his followers to “be the change you want to see in the world.”  We decided to take Gandhi’s wise words and apply them to our own lives.  We hope our example will inspire others to do the same. We hope this website will inspire you to take matters into your own hands – to live a sustainable lifestyle, eat what you grow, get off the grid and do your part to heal the planet and yourself. We are living at a time where gas and oil reserves are beyond peak… when our very way of life has an immense adverse effect on the health and well-being of every…

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