Walking the Walk

We are going to Washington DC to participate in a movement to take over Freedom Plaza and occupy it indefinitely – until the corporate controlled media and the government realize they cannot continue to unfairly benefit the few hundred millionaires and billionaires at the expense of all the rest of us.

In order to do our part to spread the word about this event/call to action we are going to WALK all the way from Clarksburg West Virginia ~ 200 MILES ~ to Freedom Plaza.  As we plan for the walk (it will take about 1 week)  we will use the buzz it generates to spread the word out about the DC action and hopefully inspiring others to participate.

We are in our mid 50’s and we are not just talking the talk — we are WALKING THE WALK – LITERALLY.

If you are interested in joining us on the walk – or if you are willing to help us out by providing sustenance and/or a yard to camp in for the night, please contact us.

Stop the Machine! Create a New World!

The corporate takeover of our economic system, the media, our political leaders and virtually all three branches of government, have created a common enemy among otherwise disparate interest groups:

  • The middle-class
  • Unions
  • Women’s rights groups
  • Main stream religious organizations
  • Environmentalists
  • People of Color (i.e. Hispanics, Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, Middle Easterners, etc.)
  • Immigrants
  • The LGBT Community
  • Animal rights activists
  • Farmers
  • Students
  • Health care workers
  • Public (State & Federal) employees
  • Too many others I do not have space to list here…

Many Americans — like me and Elisia — feel we have been pushed to the breaking point.  We are tired of fretting, listening to the talking heads pontificate about various problems with the economy, the wars (still can’t believe there is an “s” at the end of the word “war”), unemployment, homelessness, poverty, prison overpopulation, wealth gap, education, elections, Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare, health care, bankruptcy & foreclosure, oil spills, nuclear meltdowns, record heat, flooding, drought, and so on without making the obvious connections between these issues and out-of-control corporate greed.

Primarily we are weary of waiting for someone to come along and lead us out of this mess — and we are disgusted that we let ourselves believe in Obama’s promises to change things for the better — whether or not he intentionally let us down or simply underestimated the challenge.

There is very little time left to do something to change the disastrous course toward total collapse. And at last, it appears there is a movement afoot to organize an “Arab Spring” like protest in Washington DC.

According to the website october2011.org, beginning on October 6, 2011, there will be a takeover of Freedom Plaza in Washington DC.  And unlike other rallies and protests, this time protesters will stay, taking over the Plaza and refusing to leave until Washington does something to make the lives of human citizens better and to stop giving preferential treatment to corporations — which are not really people at all.

The plan will only work to change Washington if millions of citizens show up to be counted.  You don’t have to stay long — just for the kick-off rally on the 6th and maybe over the 1st night or 2.  Come back a few times if you can and at least encourage as many people as possible to attend.  If you think this protest is too demanding or inconvenient, just wait until they’re able to restrict voters rights, eliminate the EPA, the AHCA, AFDC, Medicare, Social Security and more.


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