• tire-woven-from-recycled-bicycle-inner-tubes

    Area Rug Made from Bicycle Inner-Tubes

    Danish designer Annemette Beck creates textiles from recycled materials such as rubber, paper and metal.  Her line of woven products include rugs, upholstery, fabrics, runners, blinds and even room dividers. Beck’s experimental textiles showcase materials that can be salvaged and re-used.  The photos show area rugs made by weaving recycled bicycle inner-tubes and tires. You can read more about Ms. Beck’s designs here.

  • Design

    Human Powered Lawn-mower

    Ted Wojcik of Ted Wojcik Custom Bicyclesdesigned and built this pedal-powered lawn mower with a fixed gear in it so it can go forward and backward — which is essential when using a push-mower. When you stop pedaling, it stops moving so it doesn’t require brakes. I doubt if it would be a good gadget here in West Virginia, where we use a regular old push mower, but it might be useful for someone with a really large, flat-ish yard!