The United States government has created and set aside protected lands through our country’s National Park Service.  National parks and national reserves provide a tremendous first step in protecting the habitats and ecosystems that sustain much of our country’s wildlife.

The United States is fairly committed to caring for the environment.  Whether through governmental efforts, the work of conservation nonprofits, and even the corporate community there are amazing things being accomplished on behalf of the species calling America home.

It is not enough.

Front Page News

Global warming and climate change tend to hog the headlines, but that is only a part of the challenges our world of nature faces.  The natural wonders of North America are faced with a variety of challenges which mostly can be attributed to human consumption and waste.  The challenges are happening at both ends.

Too often, we are consuming and using items that are being produced at the expense of our world’s natural resources.  These resources are being used up, which is an invasion on the habitats and ecosystems of our natural neighbors.  This burden provides an opportunity for businesses and corporations to elevate their commitments to the environment by using materials from recycled sources.

The country knows that everything cannot be created with recycled materials, but the citizens of this country also know that more things could be created using recycled resources.  Yes, it takes a commitment and making an initial sacrifice.  However, that sacrifice and commitment benefit us all.

Reducing the Challenge

All of the responsibility cannot fall on the shoulders of the businesses and corporations.  The global community must rise up and do their part as well.  Businesses will respond to your demands.  If you only purchase from eco-friendly businesses, they will make the changes to align with the values of the customers at risk of losing them if not.

The data is on your side as well.  Statista discovered that 45% of business patrons seek to shop with companies that are eco-friendly.  If the global community elevates this mindset, the businesses will follow suit in order to keep the customers as customers.  Becoming eco-friendly is also a way to attract new customers.

It is the right thing to do.  Cone Communications shared that over 90% of customers have a belief that the companies they shop with and use should be committed to social and environmental issues.  If the community steps up the businesses will follow.

The global community can also do a better job with the discarding of their waste.  Dr. Phillip Imler, President of the Global Alliance of National Parks stated, “Too much of what we don’t use ends up in the waterways and habitats as rubbish that pollutes the homes of our country’s wildlife.”

The world is losing approximately 150 species of either vegetation or wildlife every day. “We can take steps to reduce the number of species we are losing daily, if we collectively work together.  It is a global issue, but it starts with each of us,” Imler added.

Take Action Now

It doesn’t matter what role you are in, the time is now to take action.  Every eco-friendly action is an investment that benefits us all.  Be the example, take the lead, and invite others to follow suit.  Together, we can reduce the number of species we are losing and create a global environment that sustains both human life and the animal kingdom.  We both call this big blue-green planet home.