Moving to a new house or major repairs in your apartment make you think about design. Imagine what decorative elements you might use, how the renovated rooms would look like. New furniture will give new sensations, you will be able to rest comfortably after a hard day at work. Your home tells your story if you choose decorations that fully suit your preferences.

There are certain types of interior accessories that are overlooked. They are considered common but play a big role in interior design. Think about them when you decide to change something in your home.

1. Curtains

Curtains create a cozy atmosphere in every room. They can have a unique design. Some housewives prefer to choose curtains that match the design of their carpet or other decorative elements.

Curtains have some features that you should focus on when choosing a new model:

  1. Protection from prying eyes. If you live in a cottage or on the ground floor of an apartment building, passers-by can look into your windows. In this case, it is worth choosing blackout curtains that will get rid of the problem.
  2. Materials. Velvet curtains will add sophistication and charm to the room, while cotton models will make the interior simpler. Choose an option that best emphasizes the style of the room.
  3. Parameters. You might choose curtains that will fit smoothly over the windowsill. But there are also floor-length options. The main thing is that the bottom edge doesn’t lie on the floor, because it will get too dirty.

Curtains will nicely frame wooden windows. If you consider installing a new glass unit, contact the wooden windows restoration company. For more information, go to

2. Lighting

Properly selected lighting can add a certain charm to the room. These can be luminaires that emit bright light. Point elements are another option. They can be directed to a specific part of the room, highlighting the work area or decor elements.

Candles are used to create a romantic atmosphere. They produce a soft light, filling the room with a subtle and pleasant scent. They can be placed in any room to add coziness and warmth. Home decor choices reveal a lot about you.

3. Plants

Indoor flowers can liven up the interior. They have a positive effect on health by purifying the air. Plants help improve focus and reduce stress.

During flowering, a light aroma will hover in the room. Most often, small palms or lilies, anthurium, violets or aglaonema grow in apartments. Plants are a great addition to any interior and will perfectly fit into any design. They can be placed on windowsills of  timber windows or you can pick up racks and place flowers at different heights. With these elements, you will update your interior and make the apartment more comfortable.