It’s time to get back in the garden! Springtime is the most exciting time in the gardening calendar, but it can also be pretty expensive!

Saving Money In The Garden

With many of us working from home now, there’s been a big resurgence in the love of gardening, but equally, there are many people who are out of work and can’t afford all of the fancy pots and other gardening bits that you ‘need’.

It’s time to throw out those old ideas and get into the idea of DIY! DIY gardening can save you money and time in the store, and if it’s done right, it can even look pretty too.

Here are five DIY gardening ideas to get you going this season.

Glass Bottle Wall

Glass bottle walls are an amazing addition to any garden. They can be a bit tough to put up and take a bit of extra DIY work, but they can add a beautiful element to your garden, especially when the sun shines through in the afternoon.

Glass bottle walls need to have a good foundation; it’s worth speaking with experts like to ensure that your garden is set up properly for a glass bottle wall and you’re going to be able to keep it for a long time.

Bottle Pots

Plastic Bottle Pots

Here in the US, we use a crazy amount of plastic bottles. Everything from water bottled to soda bottles, even milk, and coffee, comes in plastic packaging.

We have a plastic problem globally, but many DIY gardeners have turned this positive into a cheap way of adding more growing space to their gardens. From extra pots to cloche covering for young plants, using plastic bottles and cans in your garden is a great way to save some money on pots and containers.

Pallets Galore!

No article about DIY gardening would be complete without mentioning the wondrous pallet!

Pallets are usually made from rough hardwood and are meant to last. They’re also traditionally thrown out by companies rather than recycled.

As gardeners, you can use pallets as they are as a simple and neat raised bed, you can use them as a set of shelves and screw pots to them, and if you’re really into your DIY’ing, there’s no reason why they can’t be broken apart and the wood reused for numerous projects in your garden.

Meat Tray Plant Trays

Another plastic problem we have in the world is our use of plastic in packaging. Many people are more concerned about our plastic bottle use, and there are hundreds of ways to reduce your single-use plastic bottle usage, but what about those trays you get meat in?

These are GREAT for your garden! They’re generally between an inch and two inches deep, meaning they make perfect seedling trays, and for those that are not very deep (usually steak trays!), they make brilliant trays for pots to sit on.

Deeper plastic trays can even be used for growing herbs and some very shallow vegetables, like radishes.