The trend towards a more sustainable world is on the rise. Each of us can contribute a grain of sand to ecology and in this way take care of our planet. Here is some practical information so that you pollute less.

If you want to have a greener life or reduce the pollution you produce, there are several ways to do it. But how can we help to have a greener environment? Here are seven ways to cooperate:

energy saving

1. Use light bulbs that save energy, they work well and although they have a higher value, it will be an investment that you will see reflected month after month in your electricity bill. In addition to all these measures, turning off the lights and unplugging electronic devices when we stop using them is also essential to save energy.

2. Try to use cups at work instead of using a disposable cup every day. If you like to carry some type of liquid, use a bottle that will last over time, instead of buying a disposable one that you will throw away when you finish its contents.

3. Rechargeable batteries have been on the market for years, but many people still use alkaline batteries, which when thrown away are quite toxic. To give you an idea of ​​how important it is to change this habit, a single alkaline battery can contaminate 100,000 liters of water when discarded.


4. If you go to a nearby place it is not always necessary to go out by car, try to go by bicycle or on foot, because you will not only be taking care of the environment, doing the most ecological, but you will also take advantage of exercising. Another good option is public transport, which is more ecological than that we are all in separate vehicles.


5. A plastic bag can take 150 years to degrade and are not as necessary. Try to use reusable bags for shopping, and if something small is going to happen to you in a bag, better store it directly in your purse. Another big problem with plastic bags it harms animals, they mistake them for food.

6. Reduce your paper consumption. If you are not interested in that publicity that is being distributed on the street, do not receive it. Try to get your accounts to your email. Do not print emails unless it is strictly necessary.

7. Separate your garbage depending on the clean point you go to. Unfortunately, not all of them are that specific, but in most you can leave plastic bottles, papers and Tetra Pak boxes.

Do you dare to take any of these measures? What are you currently doing to help this cause? Remember that it is up to you to create a greener environment.