Today I decided to do something to change the world. I built a solar clothes dryer. It wasn’t my first, and it only took about an hour to put it up. One thing is for certain, it’ll save money and won’t foul up the air and water. Here are step-by-step instructions for how you, too can build a solar clothes dryer:

1. Choose two parallel points about 15 feet apart in a sunny part of your yard. Try to pick a spot that is relatively flat.

2. Using a post hole digger, dig a 3′ hole at each point. Set two, 10 foot posts at each point (use a level to make sure they are perpendicular from the ground) and then concrete or tamp fill dirt into the hole until the post is sturdy.

3. place another 4 x 4 post, 4 ‘ long, on top of each post and secure it with brackets. Now you’ve got two wooden letter T’s staring at each other, 15 feet apart.

4. Screw a holding hook into the ends of the 4 by 4’and then string a taut line between each hook.

5. If the line is sagging, use a branch to prop it up. That’s how you build a solar clothes dryer!

Think about it… what if this one small act inspires others to do the same? Imagine this one small project inspires you to hang your clothes out to dry? And what would happen if inspire your family, friends and neighbors to do the same? And each of them inspires their friends, and on and on… NOW we are talking about RADICAL change. And to think, it all started with me — today — hanging my clothes out to dry! Wow.