The warmer temperatures that come with Spring and Summer bring an influx of unwanted bugs and pests to many areas. It’s common sense to think about protecting your family and your home from infestations of pests and insects, but you may be forgetting that your pets are vulnerable as well. Mosquitoes ticks and fleas are just a few of the irritating and sometimes harmful pests that could target your pet especially when they get to enjoy outdoor playtime. Here are a few ways to protect your pets and your home from the harmful nuisance of pests and insects. The best way to protect your pets involves combining various strategies that work for you to keep the pests out of your environment and off of your pets.

Use Organic and All Natural Products

To protect your pets do plenty of research about the products you are using. Each time you spray chemicals yourself or call out an exterminator, not only are you potentially damaging the environment but you’re exposing yourself, your family and your pets to potential harm over and over again. Do your research about organic, pet-friendly insect control options. Certain ingredients in topical pest control products can make pets very sick. Additionally, it might make sense that things safe for one pet should be safe for all, but this isn’t always true. For example, certain ingredients in dog pest control products are toxic to cats. Never use any pest protection meant for humans on your animals without consulting a veterinarian.



Just like humans, animals are at just as high of a risk as humans for contracting serious illnesses from mosquito bites. Pets can be exposed to West Nile Virus, as well as the potentially fatal heartworm. You can start by preventing mosquitoes from nesting and breeding near your home by eliminating standing water excessively moist areas like, flowerpots, baby pools, and birdbaths essentially anything that can collect water as mosquitos need less than an inch of water to breed in. Be sure to tighten up security in the home by keeping windows and doors screened as they can easily get through the smallest of tears. Clean out gutters periodically and when all else fails, minimize time spent outside between dusk and dawn.

Fleas & Ticks

The best protection against the threat of disease-carrying pests like fleas and ticks is shampooing early and often. Then, follow up with approved medicines. Because they are extremely small and mobile, the most effective way to handle them is to call your pest control service. Vacuuming carpets and washing and drying linens( including your pet’s bedding) in high heat can help combat an infestation before it escalates. Keep your pets out of areas with tall or thick weeds and grass, as ticks love to hide out and then cling to your pet’s fur. Fleas may be easier to notice if you see them jumping or are getting bitten yourself. Ticks burrow into flesh and can be difficult to spot on long haired pets, so routinely checking your pets is a good idea. Especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors in a grassy areas and around other dogs.


You may not think of rodents like mice or rats posing much of a threat to your beloved pets, as most dogs and cats will attack if they spy one. In fact, you may even be happy your pets are around to keep the rodent population down. However they pose a couple of threats the main being disease. If your dog or cat is bitten diseases that the mouse or rat may carry can endanger your pet. Food sources can be similarly contaminated and if the rodent itself is disease free, the fleas or ticks they are carrying probably aren’t.

There is no need for you or your pets to stay cooped up indoors out of fear. Your pet may not be affected by all the summertime pests and depending where you are located some pests. Finding the right combination of precautionary steps is the key to you, your family and your pet enjoy a safe, pest-free season.