Solastalgia describes the grief felt by those of us who care about human-caused, catastrophic environmental damage.

Don’t waste your time arguing with global warming deniers and waiting for politicians to pass clean and renewable energy legislation.

It is better to put your energy into changing your lightbulbs or planing a garden.  If building a house is beyond the scope of what you can or want to do, please consider taking some action in your own life.

If everyone reading this takes responsibility for one small piece of the planet, your own house and yard, your community and your own lives, together we have the collective power to create the positive change we have been waiting for.

Besides building a house with recycled construction materials, here are just a few of the things we are doing:

1. We installed white roofing

2. We are growing our own food

3. We use a push mower and goats

4. This Fall we will build and install home-made solar panels and make a wind turbine with PVC pipe