When there are concrete buildings as far as eyes can see, owning even a small free space in today’s world is considered luxury. More than ever, when the whole world was locked up inside their houses, for over a year and half, we were left craving for nature. You can utilize the space you have in order to create your own beautiful mini garden. If you are worrying that the space you have is too small, you shouldn’t cause by following some simple tips and tricks you will be able to create your own personal retreat in no time. Here are 8 tips that can help you achieve wonderful results.

cleanup the space

1. Clean up the space

Often the spot is lying there covered in dust and filled up with things that are of no use in our homes anymore.. the first step you should do is to clean up the area to get an actual idea of how much space do you have, you will find out that after getting freed of all the dust, cobweb and unused thing, the space will instantly look bigger than before.

2. Maximize the area

If you are a creative soul, who likes to play with things that are just lying around, this one’s for you. You can use your old dresser or wardrobe to create a multilevel planter. You can also use an old bathtub, wheel barrow, they will fit  wonderfully o a tiny balcony or patio and will give a very beautiful vibe.

3. Transform your steps

Often people tend to ignore the steps leading to house and back patios. You can turn them into a beautiful garden opportunity. It won’t take much time and money, but it will transform the whole look of your place.

If your entryway isn’t large enough for a lavish garden, you can still provide it with a touch of greenery with a few slim trees, a planter and some small topiaries. With the correct landscape design it will feel like a Zen garden.

4. Create a balcony box

If you have a balcony, you can utilize that space to create a beautiful balcony garden box. You can make it an elevated one , it will help you to grow many more plants in the little space. You can also use a balcony rail box, which is a beautiful way to hang pots and give the illusion of bigger space than there is.

vertical garden balcony

5. Go vertical

The first image that comes to our mind when we are talking about a balcony garden is that of a traditional horizontal one. But now-a-days, since not everyone can afford large spaces, you can create a vertical wall garden on your balcony. You can reuse your shoe rack or even items like clean plastic containers to make a vertical garden tower. You can also hang flower pots from ceilings.

6. Do thorough study of what to plant

You should decide beforehand about what to plant. As we are planting them in tiny spaces, there are various things to take in consideration such as height, space etc. for instance for the window box, herbs will be suited very well, but sprawling fruit plants would be such a bad idea. You can go for dwarf size plants as they can grow up to a certain height.

7. Soil, nutrient & water

These are three most basic yet very important things. We should buy good quality soil as it is the basis of having healthy plants. You should also provide nutrients and water regularly.  It is always a good idea to provide nutrients and water in little amounts at times. As the deficiency of anything is not good , so is the excess of anything, it might do more harm.

8. Clean your garden regularly

You should clean out the dried leaves and other residue at regular intervals. Not doing so will result in dust gathered on leaves, which will act as a barrier between receiving proper sunlight and air, hence resulting in unhealthy plants. It is also necessary to prune plants for better growth. You should also clean your garden thoroughly before the winter season as dead leaves can become home for bacteria and other deadly insects and can cause serious damage to plant health.