If your parents have enjoyed many wonderful decades together and will soon hit a milestone anniversary, help them celebrate the occasion in style.

Few experiences will likely compare to raising a glass to many years of marriage surrounded by those closest to them at a surprise party.

Marriage isn’t always easy, and the landmark moment is a testament to their love and dedication to each other.

To ensure they never forget the important event, read these tips on how to plan a surprise anniversary party for your parents.

Choose a Guest List

Before making a guest list, think carefully about the type of party your parents would prefer.

If they’re sociable and energetic, they might love nothing more than a large party at a big venue to toast their special day.

However, if they have a small circle of friends and don’t like crowds or a fuss, they might prefer a more intimate get-together with those closest to them, such as their children, grandchildren, and siblings.

Set a Realistic Budget

Next, you must establish a realistic budget for the event to determine the venue, entertainment, and decorations.

You can then allocate money to different vendors and items to ensure the party has the wow factor.

Inform Guests to Keep the Event a Secret

It is essential to keep the surprise party under wraps until your parents enter the venue. For this reason, you must instruct all guests to keep the event a secret.

In addition to stating it’s a surprise party on invitations, give all guests a call to ensure they remain tight-lipped about the celebration.

If you’re worried about someone giving away the secret, send party invitations at the last minute and use the correct wording to avoid ruining the surprise.

Organize Catering

Guests will expect high-quality food at a party. Avoid disappointment by hiring an experienced event catering service to provide your parents and their loved ones with delicious foods to celebrate in style.

Hiring a caterer will not only create a memorable event for your mom, dad, and guests, but it can take the stress out of planning a surprise party.

Pick the Perfect Entertainment for Your Parents

Once you’ve organized catering, turn your attention toward the entertainment. For instance, you could hire a live band or singer your parents will love.

Don’t forget to discuss the playlist with your chosen artist to ensure they will play your mom and dad’s favorite songs.

Plan the Big Reveal

The biggest challenge you might face is transporting your parents to the party and making an excuse for not spending the evening with them.

Also, you will need to find a chaperone who is willing to throw your mom and dad off the scent by inviting them to dinner or another party.

The chaperone will be responsible for keeping you in the loop about how far away your parents are from the venue.

It will provide you with time to set up the party, and you will know when to switch off the lights to scream surprise.