The three R’s are the basis of the drive towards a new way of life for all, with the end goal being to increase the sustainability of the planet. At the same time, many would argue that recycling, reusing, and reducing consumption won’t make a big enough difference. It is now becoming generally accepted that these initiatives must form the basis of innovative business opportunity if we are to fully engage with the principles of a greener life.

Unless we as a society find ways to make real profits, create jobs, and build wealth from recycling, reusing, and reducing, we will not be able to keep up with the adverse effects of the overuse of resources and an ever-growing carbon footprint.

What are disruptive businesses?

At the core of disruptive innovation is the idea that smaller, more flexible businesses can creatively and successfully target the overlooked segment of the market or provide suitable, more cost-effective solutions to existing problems. The most well-known disruptor examples of our time being the Ubers, Tesla and Air BnBs that changed their market segments for the benefit of the customer and provided an alternative workable solution. Concerning the three R’s, this will only happen if the household level is included in the changes in both the use and reuse of greener products.

Why the 3 Rs present business opportunity

The waste hierarchy is another term for the three R’s and forms the basis of a sustainable lifestyle. Reduce waste and use carbon-heavy resources, reuse products more than once, and then manage the waste if you create any by recycling. Less should go to landfills, and the result must be a reduced carbon footprint for both individuals and businesses alike.

The possible disruption lies in being able to create innovative recycled products, diverse ways of reusing materials, and essentially rethinking the product lifecycle. Products must exist from cradle to cradle rather than from the cradle to the grave, and herein will be the vast opportunity for business.

What’s in it for you?

At the core of this argument will be the need for individuals to buy into these changes. Currently, these businesses have begun to provide ways for private homes to recycle and make some additional income from a lifestyle change. This form of reward for change has been postulated as a solution on the individual level. The money made from a modest home or office sustainability initiative can then be used for exciting treats, such as theatre tickets or rips to sport games if this is your thing. It’s about realizing the actual benefits of the three R’s at a household level, and this is arguably an additional level where green disruptions are going to occur.

Whether as a concerned individual, an entrepreneur, or a green businessperson, the three R’s are sure to be a way forward for many. The key to success will be to identify those opportunities and innovations that the big players in the sector aren’t doing. And as an individual, keep rewarding yourself for the work that you do towards a greener, cleaner planet.